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A silica-rich volcanic rock formed by the rapid cooling of viscous acid lava—volcanic glass.  Obsidian has been used since prehistoric times for making tools, weapons, mirrors and jewelry. 

Objects of desire made from obsidian rock and other semi-precious gem stones.  Throughout history and across cultures, rocks and gemstones have been admired and coveted for their beauty and healing properties.

Obsidiessions Jewelry blends pleasing aesthetics with jewelry that also serves a purpose.  Select from our current designs or let us create custom jewelry to meet your needs and price range.

  • Alley Cat - casual and affordable.
  • Pedigree - gemstones with sterling silver or gold.
  • Purfect Love - bridal and wedding party jewelry using gemstones representing love and passion.
  • Cat's Meow - for singers and artists with gemstones promoting creativity, success, self-confidence and protection of vocal chords.
  • Tom Cat - jewelry for men.
  • Nine Lives - jewelry designed with gemstones for specific ailments, both psychological and physical.