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Artists bio:
I was born in Moline, IL October of 1957.  My father belonged to a Cinema Club which held it’s meetings in the old Butterworth Mansion (John Deere’s granddaughter).  Here, as an impressionable boy, I fell in love with both grand architecture and beautiful photographic images.  I grew up using my dad’s camera and then finally a Diana, my first camera. 

I bought my first serious 35mm camera for my honeymoon 30 years ago, and have been taking pictures at every opportunity ever since.  I carry a camera at all times, and as my equipment improves so has my technique and artistic eye.  I try to see a subject with a unique view, converging lines, strong color, contrast or interesting detail.  I offer these images to others to effect an emotion, and by displaying on their walls, give them continued enjoyment. 

In May of 2001 I switched from a career in industrial sales and started my own custom picture frame and photography shop.  Framing my own images allows me to have control over the complete artistic package of mat, color and frame not always offered by others.  My photographs are taken with film, slides and digital and then lab printed on Kodak Pro Endura color paper or Canon Giclee' digital. Everything is conservation framed using UV glass or UV laminate and acid free materials. 

I also specialize in period frames and restoration and will use an old frame on a photograph when it enhances it.  I have a broad interest in subjects, but love architecture.  This comes from being a volunteer with the Architectural Heritage Center for over 20 years.  I shoot a variety subjects and try not to constrain my artistic scope.  I hope you enjoy my work. 

Snag on Rim, 2009 color photo of Crater Lake, OR by David Greene, CPF No. 1/150.  Mounted and lustre laminated in antique Victorian frame. 10" x 13". $140.00.