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I think the reason people love the period frames so much is that they were made so well.  The old solid wood craftsman frames only need a little touch up with wax to look great again. Heirloom Frames by Alley Cat Arts are also made to last and will be around to pass down for generations to come.

I can get locally most any wood, but stock black walnut and QSWO (quarter sawn white oak) for the beauty of it's grain, especially when fumed.  When I ammonia fume the oak the "flecks" and "rays" of the grain "pop".  By selective staining they can be made to "pop" even more.

Fumed QSWO stained yellow, sealed, mahogany gel stain, two gel poly top coats.

Veneered Baltic birch was popular in the early 1900's and rarely seen today, usually oak painted black or gold. I stock oak veneer but can also do a variety of beautiful woods, stained and finished to match your artwork. The corners can be square but the fun of this style is that it can be anything you can imagine.

LoneSomeVille tile surface mounted with oak cleats finished with outdoor poly for hanging on a porch.

I also offer hand made gold or silver leaf frames in both modern and reproduction profiles. I then apply a patina that enhances the art, it's age and it's origin.  Do not settle for the same frame from the mall everyone else has, hang your original art in an original frame !