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We can get most any wood you could request locally, but we stock both plain sawn oak and especially QSWO (quarter sawn white oak) for the beauty of it's grain.  When an oak tree is quarter sawn (milled at right angles to the growth rings), the grain takes on a new look and reveals the "rays and flecks".

Mitred QSWO Fumed and Not FumedTo further make the grain "pop" we offer an option to fume the oak in an ammonia tent for three days.  This process reacts with the tannins in the wood and pre-darkens the wood prior to staining but also makes rays and flecks really stand out.  Using a creative combination of stains and varnishes further enhances the look.

QSWO Fumed with 5 Coats Tung OilYou can go as dark as ebony with black stain and black wax or glowing golden with "dancing grain" with true tung oil.   This is an example of a fumed QSWO frame with 5 coats of tung oil.

Our most popular is fumed, a yellow stain, sealed, then a brown gel stain to fill the pores for a two tone look. We have developed over the years a full set of samples to help you best match your art. 

Oak was popular for the California missions due to it's strength and it's local abundance. They had pious simple tastes, simple tools and therefore kept simple lines. The Craftsman Style emulated the mission period and drew upon oaks continued affordable abundance and it's simple lines which were easy for a local home craftsman to produce.

Mortise and Tenon Wtih Ebony PlugYou can choose a simple square profile with mitered corners, or enhance the frame with one or a combination of options.  For a bold look choose butt joints, half lap joints or a true mortise and tenon (square peg in a square hole).  The ends can be flush but often extend a little, or a little more and then dog ear (trim at an angle) the edges.  Another nice touch is to add round or square pegs, either flush or proud of the surface. With a router we can angle, cove or round over all or just part of the edges. 

With your help we will design a unique Heirloom Frame that will enhance the beauty and value of your art for generations to come.