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Our workshop is in the basement of our 1886 Victorian.  The original owner, a carpenter, Mr. Auld, used it as his workshop as well.  He stamped his name on the paint cabinet and I sometimes feel he is there to help me out.  We have a unique combination of tools to help us creatively design your project:

  • Heat press for mounting and laminating posters up to 44" x 68",
    also fabric wrapped mats and custom veneered plywood frames
  • Mitre saw for cutting frames
  • Foot chopper for precision trimming miters
  • Table saw for cutting rabetts, tenons and dog ears on solid frames
  • Drill press for mortices and ebony plugs
  • Router for custom profiles
  • Band saw for fancy cut edges
  • Scroll saw for piercework
  • Mat cutter for square, round and oval window openings
  • Glass cutter for square, round and oval glass and mirror

Drill Press with Mortice Jig

Dado Blade on Tablesaw

Mitre Saw with Accuracy Measurement Guide